Data Privacy & Compliance

An AI-based data detection solution that autonomously identifies and classifies sensitive data elements and anomalous data patterns
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Product Innovation & Engineering
Turn your ideas into reality with our proven product engineering methodologies and data modeling strategies
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Enterprise Data Monetization
Modernize and Monetize your data assets through our established data modeling frameworks and proven algorithms
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Our solutions

Data Compliance & Privacy

An AI-based enterprise wide solution that automatically detects and classifies sensitive data, flags hard-to-find data quality issues – faster, better and at lower cost than your custom or built-in solutions 

Data Discrepancy Models

Leverage our predictive model based data risk solutions to detect unusual data patterns and data discrepancies across your organization at a fraction of cost and time

Model Risk Management

Enable better Model Governance with complete data lineage across multiple applications and 

continuously monitor model performance to detect drifts.

Our Services

Data Monetization

Make better data driven decisions and monetize your data assets using our Decision Science and Analytics service leveraging several machine learning techniques.

Product Engineering

Product engineering expertise from product conceptualization  to design to prototyping to build, solving the growth challenges that most inventors and entrepreneurs face

Enterprise Data Modernization

Leverage our proven data management techniques  and information governance frameworks to accelerate your data transformation and modernization efforts .

Data Quality Services

Data Quality as a service that gives you the benefits of Software-as-a-Service yet is completely customizable, without the hassle of managing your own Data Governance infrastructure

Why ?


Snowflake is becoming the de-facto platform to run all your workloads


You always wanted dev, business and ops to collaborate with each other for data impacts


Your data will change and you will need a way to put some controls on it


You need a single place to monitor all your data changes and discrepancies


You need data monitoring to be simple, flexible and scalable

Customer Story

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Customer Insights

Director of Enterprise Analytics

Large Healthcare Device Company

"What it would otherwise take us years to detect sensitive data and accurately classify it for compliance, I can get it done by using Discover Alpha's solutions in 2 months!”

Public Safety Solutions Company

"Finally, a product development company that understands how to build software products from the ground up with a strong focus on data and monetization of it"
Chief Data Officer

Large Financial Services Company

"With Discover Alpha's unique experience in building data driven products, we were able to mobilize and monetize our data assets by ten-fold"

Large Publishing Company

“You have answered all my questions and allayed my fears about modernizing our data platforms by delivering high quality solutions”

Driving Big Decisions With RELIABLE Data

Our passion is advanced data engineering that is focused on generating business value from data, be it big, small or legacy. At Discover Alpha, we enable organizations drive complex business decisions through compelling product engineering, data management and information governance solutions, with an emphasis on holistic approach to problem-solving.


Our teams consist of seasoned data engineers and product enthusiasts who strive to exceed expectations (alpha) at every step of your business journey. Discover yours at Discover Alpha! 

Santosh Patill

CEO and Managing Partner

Angsuman Dutta

Partner, Head of Products

Timothy O'Hara

Head of Customer Success

Tanvir Patel

Head of Engineering